About Us


The Cocke County Partnership/Economic Development Commission works with local governments and regional/state economic development agencies to recruit new jobs to the area. The Economic Development Commission is the Joint Economic and Community Development Board of record that is recognized by the State of Tennessee for Newport and Cocke County. The Economic Development Commission is funded by the City of Newport and Cocke County governments as well as various other community partners.

The Economic Development Commission is a part of the Cocke County Partnership. The Cocke County Partnership is a cooperative effort between three of the agencies geared towards the improvement of Cocke County. These organizations, in addition to the Economic Development Commission, include: Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Tourism.

The purpose of the Cocke County Partnership is to enhance the county’s economic climate.

Our Vision – To be a diverse, sustainable, economically developed, vibrant community while remaining good stewards of the environment.

Our Values

  • Embrace, Celebrate and Preserve Diversity, Heritage, Natural Resources
  • Service – The people of Cocke County are our customers and are the reason for our existence.
  • Excellence – Lead by example.
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for Others

We will accomplish our goals by developing and implementing strategies for:

  • Community and economic development that promotes diversification and creates better jobs for Cocke Countians;
  • Retention and expansion of existing business and industry in Cocke County;
  • Promoting and developing tourism;
  • Promoting civic, social, cultural, and educational programs which will enhance the quality of life while preserving our natural resources.